Spam Policy} applies to all MMT sites.

Spam Policy:

MegaMarketingTools has a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SPAM. All SPAM complaints are taken seriously. SPAM is considered an unethical form of Internet advertising and is becoming illegal in more and more states. In addition, SPAM can incur substantial monetary fines from any of the providers through which SPAM is directed because of the time, resources and expense it can incur for business. SPAM is a negative form of advertising and is HIGHLY disliked within the Internet community.

MegaMarketingTools reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation of our SPAM Policy on all sites owned by MMT. The sole opinion of MMT is ABSOLUTE in determining any and all SPAM violations. Should MegaMarketingTools’s service or web sites be disrupted in anyway due to SPAM, the responsible party will be charged and billed $250.00 per hour until service is restored. Applicant may also be subject to legal action if appropriate.

Thank you, MegaMarketingTools LLC.